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Funny Little Story

Jon-derek Castagno on Friday, 27 January 2006.

As you may or may not have realized I work for the Undergraduate admissions office; this is the best job ever. This past week has been dubbed the “Chat and Phone power” what this means is that a bunch of students have come in to the office in the evening and called accepted students or chatted with them. I was in the lucky group of chatting. Surprisingly this was I think my first chat room. I use IM a lot but I have never had the need to for a chat room so it was a different experience with a lot of talking going on it took a bit to get used to. I totally enjoyed it and loved talking with all of these new students. But (I know one shouldn’t start a sentence with but, but hey come on, I am bad at English J ) the best part I would say is the food, free food. They (the proverbial they ha-ha) got us pizza, Chinese, hot subs, cold subs. I didn’t have to pay for anything at all J it was great. There is a formula that I think I might have discovered so I will share it with you.
You might need a bit of java/other programming language knowledge to get this

System.out.println(“You should really feed your student”);
System.out.println(“Great job, you have made your student more efficient and Happy”);

I really like that J and by the way Student is another object that I created with those methods in case your wondering.
For those of you who didn’t understand what just happened you will soon at RIT.
Well now it is time for the “Dotes  Song” this post there are a number of songs that qualify but I must choose one. This is called a Mashup, similar to a re-mix but it is much different. I have been listening to this song for months now I love it. “Jump to Heaven” by Martinn using the artists Phil Collins vs. Van Halen. So that’s it for this post all.
-The coolest dude ever