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Game Idea

Joe Conley on Saturday, 09 December 2006. Posted in Coursework

Our goal for this course is essentially one game we'll work on for the entire quarter. What I'm aiming to do is keep the game idea relatively simple so we have more time for improving the game quality instead of rushing to implement a menagerie of features.

One game that I think would be a good one to emulate is Tumiki Fighters:

Tumiki Fighters

This game is a side scrolling shooter in the same vein as galaga or any of the others, except when you destroy an enemy, you can catch their falling ship and it will attach itself to you, giving you power ups. You then have to protect your larger self because the enemy ships can be shot off of you, taking away some of your advantage.

I remember seeing/playing this game two years ago on a friends computer and liking the idea behind it, and I really wanted to try it again now to remember how it felt and investigate the intricacies of the game engine. However, I could not seem to get it to run. It requires OpenGL, which I installed a version of, but there seems to be several different versions of it from different people, idk which one is right. If you can get it running, lemme know how you did so.