on Wednesday, 10 January 2007. Posted in Clubs

I've been going crazy with GAMMA stuff this week. I am the Vice President of Public Relations for the GAMMA organization at RIT. GAMMA stands for Greeks Advocating the Mature Management of Alcohol. Basically the group is made up of Greek leaders and we put on educational programming for Greek chapters about anything from alcohol to safe sex to RIT policy. This week was a big week for my position. I planned a Red Ribbon Campaign for all of the Greeks on campus. Which meant I had to oversee a table in the SAU for students to come and pick up their ribbon. So far it's been pretty successful. We have about 100 students wearing ribbons at of today. The Greek population on campus is only made up of about 500.

Tomorrow night we're having a Mock Conduct Hearing as a programming event. We've made up a sorority named GAMMA GAMMA GAMMA and we have members of other sororities acting as this group of girls. Their going to run through what would happen to an organization if they were to caught doing something against RIT Policy. We're going to act it from the campus safety report to the conduct office. The senario is going to be: A new member of the chapter is caught being drunk on the way back to her dorm room. She's 18 years old. Her RA files a report... and then we let campus safety take it from there.

Probably doesn't sound too exciting. But that's what I've been up to this week. Not doing anything for grad school yet. It's stressing me out.