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GE Volunteers/ College and Careers Recap

Patricia Schiotis on Tuesday, 24 July 2012. Posted in Co-op

My summer in the Nati is flying by, hard to believe I only have 1 month left! These past two weeks have been very busy with all the activities I have been participating with at GE, flying back to Rochester for college and careers, not to mention working full time. Here’s a quick recap of my latest #pattieinthenati adventures!

GE Volunteers: Not only is GE known for their top notch business, but they also have an amazing volunteer program from their employees. The first program I assisted with was the “Kids Olympics” through “Give Back Cincinnati.” The Olympics were set up like a “field day” with team type games for the kids to participate in. I can honestly say the event was a blast. Even though it rained in the beginning, then was blistering hot, seeing the kids running around and having fun was truly worthwhile.


After the Event, I rushed home to clean up and then my best friend, Paulina, had arrived in Cincinnati to move into her new apartment! Paulina just started her new job working with Toyota in Erlanger, KY, just a stone throws away from my apartment in Cincinnati! Having her around will be the perfect way to end my summer here in Cincinnati, and gives me the perfect reason to come back and visit her in the fall!

For the work week, last week was rough. I decided to make up the hours from taking Friday off for college and careers, which meant long hours at the office. Needless to say, I still tried to attend as many co-op events as possible to help keep myself sane. I finally was able to attend Frisbee again, and after my 3 week hiatus I was a little rusty. But even though I was not as good as I wanted to be, still a fun experience. Another co-op activity I attended was a trip to Dave and Busters. To be honest, I didn’t think the place actually existed, but it was literally like chuck-e-cheese for big kids.  I even hit the ticket jackpot on one of the games!


This brings me to last weekend, finally a chance to fly back to Rochester! Although due to the weather conditions, my original flight was cancelled I made it back to Rochester in the afternoon just in time for check in to begin for college and careers! My first flight had GE engines, the CFM56 model!  I was super excited when I read through the specs of the aircraft online to figure that out. C&C is by far my favorite campus program through admissions, with the general college information, fun activities, and even academic sessions; it is the perfect way to get a feel of college life for a night. Every session brings new adventures, new families, and new experiences. One of my favorite moments from this session is when someone came up to me and asked if I was from Averill Park. Indeed that is where I attended high school. He recognized me from my years of working at the local supermarket. My face is easier to remember since my identical twin also worked there with me.


Another great college and careers memory was during the Friday evening events. I was in the inflatables room when one of the ambassadors challenged a counselor to a race through the inflatable obstacle course. The ambassador not only defeated the counselor, but had enough time to sit down and pose for an epic C&C picture, taken from my iPhone. I also went to the spray tattoo booth where I got the batman tattoo, which was very appropriate when I went to see the film Saturday after college and careers ended.


Although the Friday evening events always allow for a fun time, the most memorable moments come from the interactions with the families. I love telling them about how great my RIT experience is, from my interactions with the faculty and staff that so beneficial to my education to the amazing co-op experiences I have earned. Not to mention about all the fun extracurriculars I participate in and all the programs put on each year by the variety of clubs and organizations offered on our campus. Even though I am away in Cincinnati this summer I had to fly back to attend at least one program solely for the conversations sparked with the families.

Once the program ended, I road tripped to buffalo for the night to visit my friends. Since Buffalo is about an hour and fifteen minutes away, the short trip was well worth it. While in Buffalo, I was able to have much needed catch up sessions with my friends, go mini golfing (which I got my first hole in one ever!) and went to see the new batman movie. Even after college and careers, I was able to stay awake throughout the entire movie, and I highly recommend going to see it if you haven’t already. I already have tickets to see the movie again tomorrow night with the co-ops!

After my time in buffalo, I made the journey back to Rochester to catch my flight back to Cincinnati. Once I landed, I realized it back to the work week. Even though I have to work every day this week, it won’t seem so bad with all the new nati adventures I have planned. Not to mention I love my job so going to work every day is that much easier. That is once I muster the energy to actually get out of bed each morning.