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Get Connected

Megan Chapman on Monday, 28 March 2011.

Okay so you’re finally accepted, NOW what?  There are tons of ways to get connected to current students at RIT as well as other accepted students.  Trust me, you’re not the ONLY one sitting there trying to figure out how to make new friends for college without Facebook creeping.  An easy way to find others with similar interests and majors is to join our Accepted Students 2011 Facebook page.  There are lots of pages for lots of other groups and services around campus, just search RIT and see what happens!

We try to keep up to date and answer questions frequently.  We are also open to answering questions via film in connection with our webisodes.  If there are things about RIT that you would like to see featured as an episode or have a question feel free to leave it on our twitter or Facebook and we can make it happen.

You can also watch the weekly webisode series RIT: Behind the Scenes where myself and 4 others current students film our lives as current college students.  It is the most raw, behind the scenes look at the college experience and gives you a real view of where you are going to be eating, studying, and living for four years!

My fellow webisode characters and I also keep live feeds going on our twitter accounts.  You can find mine here or just search for @RIT_ then each of our names, Kevin, Christina, Jacob and Megan.  

There are plenty of options for you get in contact with anything, anyone, and everything RIT before you even arrive on campus.