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Get Dirty at Mud Tug!

Andrea Shaver on Wednesday, 21 September 2016. Posted in Student Life

It's time to get dirty!


Students at Mud Tug 2017. Photo by John Garay


Every September for the past 21 years the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority and the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity hosts one of RIT's signature events, Mud Tug.

The event happens behind the Grace Watson dining hall on the field. Giant mud pits are dug the week leading up to the event. They are each about one and a half feet deep and filled with water, creating mud.

Around noon, the "Dream Team" will tug. The Dream Team is Dr. Destler's team which consists of top administrators at RIT, including Dr. Destler himself, Dr. Sandra Johnson, the Senior VP for Student Affairs, Joe Johnston from Student Conduct, Kory Samuels from Dining Services, the Student Government President and Vice President, representatives from Auxiliary services, and many other departments. This year, there were also representatives from the MLS organization, which was one of the benefactors of this year's tug.

mudtug dreamteam

This year's Dream Team at Mud Tug.


Once the rounds begin during which the teams compete on the 5 pits, which are sponsored by local places. Teams are made of 10 students. Common teams are organizations (fraternities and sororities, Student Government, clubs, etc) or floors of Residence Halls!

There is also a pit of mud called the play pit where people can go and play in the mud. The team that loses gets tugged into the mud pit. There are also fun activities like a DJ, dunk tank, dancing, and free food! You definitely don't want to miss Mud Tug at RIT.

Pro-tip: wear rain boots or something easy to rinse out, or a pair of shoes (and clothes) that you don't mind getting potentially ruined in the mud!

mudtug 2017 2

Students tugging in the mud. Photo by Mike Owens.