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Get ready for awesome!

Erin Supinka on Thursday, 12 January 2012.

A couple weeks ago, we, the 5 RIT Students, released our trailer for our upcoming season and soon our first webisode of the new season will be premiering.  Check that out here.  

We’re 5 real students (plus behind the scenes kids, editing and helping put together clips) who film what we’re doing in our lives while we're at school. We talk about campus and all the really cool things we get to do and see each year at RIT.

The group, well, we’re kind of a crazy mix of people.

I’m a Journalism major, obsessed with fitness and currently living with four guys, which tends to make my house pretty interesting, all of the time and me very sleep deprived.

Then, we have Tanner, who is legitimately the sassiest person I know, but absolutely hilarious. He’s a Bio Technology major and also a New Student Orientation Coordinator (yup, he’s in charge of making new student’s first week at RIT ridiculously AWESOME). 

Christina rocks the video games AND sorority life. She really loves cereal too. It’s kind of an on-going joke, because that’s pretty much the only thing we hear about her eating, ever. She’s a New Media Design major.

Ali is the president of her sorority and a Mechanical Engineer at RIT. If I want information about something going on at RIT, she’s one of the very first people I ask. She literally knows everything that’s going on.

Finally, Kevin, our Physics major. He’s the goofball of the group and definitely the most picked on. Hey, we can’t help it. He sets himself up for it, all the time (just kidding Kev). He’s always good for knowing what the latest news on Reddit is or having something orange on at all times (it’s his favorite color).

And we film our lives for you to see. This season you’ll get to see more about the campus then just where we live and what our majors are (but if you’re curious, we covered that last season!). School traditions to dating, the filming for this season has been so much fun already to shoot and we even have more to do.

So make sure to stay tuned for the first episode coming soon. We’ll be releasing them on our YouTube and Facebook profile.

And if you want to follow me and my day to day adventures, check that out here!