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Get to know RIT

Danielle Nutter on Friday, 07 December 2012. Posted in Visiting RIT

Recently I had a friend come visit from home. He is a senior from my high school and contacted me because he was interested in RIT. I thought it was really great that he reached out to me to get more information about the school. When looking at schools, I think it can be really helpful to get advice from the students. They have already gone through the application process and know all the do's and dont's. Here at RIT our Student Ambassador's are very helpful with asking questions and helping prospective students. Today there are so many resources available to help students get to know the schools they are interested in. You can read blogs like this one, go into chat rooms with students and even see student made documentaries and videos

Here are some ways to get to know RIT from a students prospective:
1. Create a myrit account. Its a great way to get information about the school and browse blogs and campus news.
2. Come visit! Our student Ambassadors give great tours, we have knowledge about all the schools and can help answer your questions about classes and social life.
3. Register for campus activities. College and Careers is a fun way to visit campus, you can sign up for programs and labs and you also get to say overnight in the dorms. If your interested in engineering, WE@RIT (women in engineering at RIT) also holds events throughout the year for students.
4. Ask your highschool councelor if there are any students that recently graduated and now attend RIT.
There a lot of factors that go into college desisions but don't forget there are so many resourses available to help choose the best college for you :)