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Get With it Already! TWITTER Edition

Brian Lopipero on Thursday, 19 February 2009. Posted in Student Life

Here is another new/exciting topic for all the avid RIT blog readers out there, I know you are out there (please comment).  There has been a new craze sweeping the RIT campus...TWITTER.  This new internet sensation is taking the campus and its students by storm...everyone is tweeting. is a social networking/ micro blogging site that uses micro posts,  known as tweets, of 140 characters or less to tell your life's story.  All of your friends can follow your account to read and reply to these mini blogs.  You can even follow your favorite celebrities like Barack Obama, Shaq, Leo LaPorte, and of course everyone's favorite the RIT Undergraduate Admissions Office.


Following is made simple when you download the facebook application that uses your twitter tweets to update your facebook status and vice versa.  Some may call this nerdville or creepster magee, but I love tweeting my friends on twitter.  If you are super freakin creeped out you can play with the privacy setting, which allow you to block unwanted followers of your "micro blogs".  I personally have all that privacy junked turned off so let the stalking and following begin.  


There is an app made special for all you iPhone users out there, just so you can stay in touch all the time no matter where you are.  I find this app extremely useful, because I can check twitter while driving, using the bathroom, and while walking to class.  You can also take pictures with your phone and upload them directly to the site, and then you can even attach a location using the iPhones GPS capabilities.  


Doesn't this all sound fantastic...if so you should jump online right away to make an account.  It takes only a few minutes.  Twitter will even log into your email account to check your contacts and see if they have an account.  You can friend them from there.  Once you're started it is time to upload a picture, and customize you profile in a bunch of different ways.  I made my own design the other day.  It was easy to do and looks great.  Now you're ready to start tweeting about your life...make sure to update frequently so all your friends know exactly what is going on in your life at every second of everyday.  Also, be sure to nag your friends until they join, this way you have something to follow as well.  I started with only 5 friends on twitter, but I quickly got 20 people to join.


Obviously Twitter is the great website since RIT Undergraduate Admissions Site started....SO GO MAKE AN ACCOUNT NOW!!!!!!