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Getting A Job...Whoa

Lizz Sawyer on Wednesday, 11 February 2015. Posted in Advising & Support, Alumni, Life After RIT, Residence Life

Looking at colleges can be overwhelming and sometimes the idea of "what happens after" can get lost in the search, but it is actually a very important thing to think about. 

Since this is my senior year, most of my classes either focus on getting a job or somehow the topic comes up organically. Either way, people always end up saying "RIT will get you a job anywhere." RIT has such a strong reputation in every field and is well-known throughout the country. Specifically in the photography field, RIT is top-rated but is also known for being GPA based versus portfolio. This is unique to most art schools and it has been proven that our graduates do better in the work field. 

RIT has very strong alumni relations as well and that can potentially help you get a job. You could be in an interview and the person interviewing might have gone to RIT too, which will make the best conversation ever. Or maybe you're looking at your dream job and find out that someone within the company already is an RIT alum. You could try meeting up with them and have better access to the company. 

RIT also has a GREAT Career Services center. The Co-op and Career Services Office has dedicated staff to help you find internships, co-ops, and jobs. Even if you're looking for a job years after graduation, you can always go back and ask them for help. 

It took me a while to get serious about a career, but RIT was really good at helping me understand the importance of preparation. So I started building my resume, finding jobs that will teach me more about my field, practicing cover letters, making business cards, etc. Ever since I got serious about the process, I love updating my website and getting inspired to find amazing jobs that fit my personality. 

So, what I'm trying to say is, may seem like forever away to you now, but it is important to find a school that will craft a future that is perfect for you. And my experience at RIT has been amazing for this.