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Getting a Life After School

Jeff Maher on Monday, 16 October 2006. Posted in Co-op, Life After RIT

Everyone has different reasons for going to college, but most people will generally answer "to get a good job." Obviously, college builds up your knowledge and abilities so that you can compile an impressive skill set for your resume. However, some colleges do a better job at teaching you said skills and employers know that. This is why going to a reputable and well-known school is a big plus.

The summer before starting school, I was a little scared - I didn't know a soul in my town that had ever heard of RIT. However, that summer I did a lot of traveling for work and my social circle got out to meet new people at the same time. Along the way, I met a wealth of people that knew about RIT and heard success stories about its graduates. For example, my friends and I met someone randomly at a mini-golf course and the inevitable question came up: "Where are you going to school?". To my surprise, the person had heard many good things about RIT and spoke more highly of it than the schools my friends were going to attend. And that's saying a lot - my home town friends are bright cookies and went to the places that smart TV characters go to: Princeton, Cornell, etc.

On September 26, I was further reassured about my choice of school when I officially kicked off my full time job search by going to RIT's Fall Career Fair. With a showing of 193 companies, it was hard to walk out of there without finding a company that you want to work for. And when I say 193 companies, I don't mean a gazillion small fries either. Many of the companies there are household names: Microsoft, IBM, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Mattel, Wegmans, Vanguard, Bloomberg, Thomson, Progressive and the list goes on. The career fair was very impressive to say the least and definitely makes RIT students feel optimistic about life after school.

Personally, the career fair was a big success, I've had several interviews a week since then and have several (no expense paid) trips coming up to visit the companies' for technical interviews. So far so good! I can really thank RIT for opening the doors - now I just have to walk through them.

This is about a fourth of the size of the career fair
(Thanks to Gretchen Burruto for the photo)