Getting Involved at RIT

Ricky B. on Thursday, 04 September 2014. Posted in Clubs, Fraternity / Sorority Life, Student Life

As we near the end of the second week of classes of fall semester many first year students are beginning to settle into living at RIT. As the campus maps are put away and the lanyards make their way off of necks the students are becoming more comfortable calling RIT their home. One bit of advice that I've found to be universally true for all students, but especially with newer ones, is to get involved. RIT offers so many great opportunities to students outside the classroom. Getting involved and engaged in college is an important tenet of ensuring that you get the most out of your undergraduate time. In addition to making new friends (some which will be lifelong), you will be able to broaden your horizons and make some great memories.

The fall of my first year I pledged a social Greek organization called Sigma Chi and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I was introduced to a number of values-based leaders and made some of my closest friends. I also found a great job with ITS as a Network Communications Assistant Specialist. The job paid well and I was able to gain valuable work experience and learn more about network technologies at the same time. I've held a handful of jobs on campus and have enjoyed each one. I saw them as a good way of meeting new people and developing new skill-sets and honing the ones I have. As I start my fourth year I am involved with Student Government as its Greek Senator and with the Office of Admissions as a Social Media Captain.

I cannot stress enough how much involvement and engagement enhances and enriches the collegiate experience. Students should remember that the top priority is academics but there is more to college than just that. Included in every student's tuition and fees is a Student Activity Fee. That money goes to pay for things like campus festivals, concerts, clubs, and other campus life expenses. Get the most out of your time and money and get involved! There's a lot out there for you, you just have to go and find it!

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  • To look for a job on campus visit the Student Employment Office website.