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Goals for this Semester

Becky Drexler on Friday, 12 February 2016. Posted in Student Life

It's a brand new semester, and each semester I try to set some goals that I hope to accomplish. 

1. Work Out

Last semester I was not too successful at this. I did have a rock climbing class once a week, but haven't stepped foot in a gym in months. This semester, I'm going to start going to the gym and working out. I plan on running the Freezefest 5k and would like to be able to run the entire thing without too much pain and suffering.

2. Learn to cook new recipes

I've been trying to cook more. Cooking a nice, solid home-cooked meal makes me feel like an adult who might be able to live on her own and survive. I have already mastered chicken parmesan, and will continue to attempt new recipes.

3. Go to community events

I love getting involved with big community events, such as the Polar Plunge and Relay for Life. I just signed up for the Polar Plunge earlier this week. The goal is to raise money for Special Olympics, while also plunging into the icy cold waters of Lake Ontario in the middle of February. Wish me luck!

4. Go to the animal shelter

Last semester I heard about an animal shelter a lot of my friends visit. You can play with puppies and kittens! I really wanted to go last year, but it never worked out with my schedule. This semester I will go - I'm going to make it happen.

5. Explore Rochester more

I am a local Rochesterian, but I'll be honest – I don't make it downtown too often. I have been to some sporting events and restaurants and what not, but I'd love to re-explore downtown and get to know my city a little better.

6. Start putting my classes to use

Obviously studying hard and getting good grades are important, but I also believe working on individual projects outside of the classroom will only strengthen your knowledge/skills in that area. One of my goals for this semester is to work on more projects to add to my portfolio.

7. Start applying for internships/co-ops

It's never too early to start putting yourself out there. My major is one of the few that does not require a co-op at RIT. That shouldn't stop you from applying, though! Experience is great and will help you figure out where you want to go with your program and what you should work on while you're still a student.

8. Organize my time better

In the past, I've let my busy academic schedule, work, and sorority events take up the majority of my time. I have a pretty great schedule this semester – not too many early classes, and lots of large breaks of time. This semester, as tempting as it is to sleep in and lazily roll out of bed before my 2pm class on Monday, I will use the morning to be productive and get stuff done.

9. Go to more campus events

There are a lot of really cool events on campus hosted by a variety of clubs – and 90% of the time they're free! There are so many opportunities for fun events that are conveniently located on campus; I want to take better advantage of that. I've been to events like Silent Disco, dances, Bake-offs, Thursday night movies, ice skating, rock climbing, the list goes on and on. Going to campus events is also a good way to meet more people on campus too!

10. Reflect more

Meditation and reflection are said to be great ways to relax and also have a better outlook on things. Mind, body, and soul... right? This semester, I will try to work on finding a nice balance of those. It will help me to have a more wholesome outlook on the semester.