Golan Levin

Christina Brooks on Tuesday, 08 March 2011. Posted in The Arts

Something that is awesome about RIT is the incredible speakers they bring in to talk to the students here. Tonight I had the privilege (and thankfully my class ended early so I could attend!) to hear Golan Levin speak, who is part of The Gannett Project’s Visionaries in Motion lecture series.

Golan Levin is an experimentalist designer and engineer who infuses “art and design with new forms of reactive expression” (the RIT article can be found here ). His presentation was incredible and really opened up my mind to what is possible. I had no idea technology could be used in an artistic way like the way Levin presented it and his ideas are incredible! Here’s a quick summary of some of my favorite projects he talked about during the lecture:

Yellowtail- This is a program where all you do is draw a line. Then the program interrupts how this line would move across the screen. The combinations and scenarios possible to make with this program is really neat!

Dialtones (A Telesymphony)- This is a symphony made entirely out of the audience’s cell phone rings. It’s really quite impressive the attention to detail is put into this, from assigning different octaves to different phones to lights shining on each user of a ringing phone.

Reface (Portrait Sequencer) - This is a program which takes your facial movements and then interchanges them with other people’s faces. So each new face is made up of three different faces-all moving and animated just as if the actual person was there.

I could go on for quite sometime because all of his projects are absolutely incredible! However, if you’re interested to read about more of Golan Levin’s projects or the ones listed above, visit his website found HERE for all of the information and videos you need showcaseing his work!

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