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Golden Snowball Awards

Emily Okey on Wednesday, 09 February 2011. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life

It snows here... A LOT. 

It's one of those thing that I never remember until winter hits. I always get questions about what I think about the weather... of course those questions come during summer at which point I either
a) forget that it snows in rochester 
b) think that the weather isn't actually bad because being in shorts makes you forget everything or 
c) haven't been traumatized by being shoved in the snow or something yet. 

Much like the stress of week 9, you never remember until it hits you.

Now I'll be first to point out that I moved north for the weather (crazy, huh?) except yesterday's freezing cold temperatures made me rethink that decision. Just a tiny bit. That was until I woke up and saw this glorious snow pile. One of many in fact. Had I not been on my way to a class, I probably would have jumped in it. Most likely would have checked twice to see if anyone else was around first. 

Rochester is filled with impressive snow piles right about now, the most impressive being the ones at the Marketplace mall off campus (except every time I'm there I'm driving.. so i'd like to think my safety is more important than some pictures).




Oh wait, that last one is a picture of Antarctica...  (I'm working on a design project that requires us to make an information graphic for Antarctica... I think that's how that one got in there...)

Interesting weather fact: It snows more in Rochester than Buffalo. 

Not many people know that I think because Buffalo is known for their huge quantities of snow at one time whereas in Rochester snow is a daily occurrence

One of my favorite new websites is Golden Snowball Award.  which recognize top snowfall contenders of NY. RIght now Rochester is #2 with 90inches of snow behind Syracuse's 132in... It's a neat website that updates regularly so you can see how much snow we're getting!!