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Gone Like The Wind: End of Freshman Year

Emily Okey on Sunday, 17 May 2009. Posted in Student Life

Where in the world did all of the time go? It seems like just yesterday I was thinking about what I would need to pack up to come to school and now I'm thinking about what I need to pack up to go home! It's so hard to believe that we're already a quarter of the way through college... I still remember looking at all of the brochures wondering where the heck I was going to end up. Well, here I am. I honestly don't have any regrets about coming here. Sure, there is the occasion wondering what would have happened if I had gone anywhere else but then when I think about it I can't even imagine being anywhere else. So Rochester, you're stuck with me for at least the next three years :) 

It’s the weekend before finals week and then we’re done!! I have one final on Monday (tomorrow) for 3D, which basically involves cleaning out the studios and critiquing our final project (which I have yet to finish...) Tuesday I have a vector final followed by one for elements of graphic design. Finally onThursday night I have my psychology final. Thursday night my dad is coming up to get me and all of my stuff and then Friday we'll be driving down to Penn State for my sister's volleyball tournament. So a week from right now I'll be sitting in my own house with piles and piles of stuff to unpack. 

I’ve managed to make it through the quarter without dropping any of my 19 credits! It definitely was not the most relaxing quarter ever butI really enjoyed most of the classes and I’m glad I decided to take all of them. This past week was probably the most stressful week of the entire quarter because of all of the projects, critiques, tests, etc that were going on. On top of all of that there were tons of different activities (mostly end of the year BBQ's and what not) on campus to go to.

I know I said that I would post about Spring Festival (happened last weekend) but I have a final due tomorrow at 9:00 am so being the good student that I should be, I'm going to go work on that. But, not to worry, I'll be blogging all summer and I have a running list of topics that I want to tell you all about -- with pictures included!