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Goodbye Ritter Arena!

Lizz Sawyer on Friday, 07 March 2014. Posted in Athletics, Residence Life, Student Life

This past weekend (02/28-03/31) was the last RIT men's hockey game at the Frank Ritter Ice Arena. And we won!! The final score was 3 - 1 against Canisius. It was a full house - 2,100 people in the seats and about 500 people standing around the outside. As much as I love sports and going to the games, standing for hours never feels too good. So, I can't wait until next year when the Polisseni Center will be the new home of RIT hockey. It is supposed to hold about 4,150 seats, so double that of the Ritter!

I will be honest, I never even watched hockey before coming to RIT. It's the atmosphere in the arena that first made me love it, then of course the sport itself is awesome. But in the Ritter arena, there is the "corner crew," which is the large section of students in the corner seats of the arena who are ruthless to the opposing team. There are traditions, certain cheers, and of course Stu the zamboni driver. This past weekend he closed up the Ritter arena by doing donuts on the ice with the zamboni.  

For new students coming in, the Ritter arena will stay up for other events like ice skating or gym classes. The Polisseni Center will be the main home for hockey games and even if you're not a sports fan, you'll love it!


Photo cred: Andrew Cole

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