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Clarissa Baston on Thursday, 15 October 2009.

RIT is known for its unique campus consisting of millions of bricks.  Some students find the brick unappealing, cold, and boring.  Me...I don't mind the brick so much.  Other students think that there is enough green space.  But if there is one thing that really bugs me about our campus, it is its ability to attract swarms and swarms of Canadian geese.  I understand that it isn't the campus's fault that geese love RIT so much, but sometimes they're presence is just inconvenient and incredibly vexing.  I know this sounds crazy, but these geese are at higher level than your ordinary goose.  SOO here are my main issues with Branta canadensis (that's Latin for goose from Canada, ay):

They know when you are in a hurry, especially when you are trying get your car parked so you can sprint to your class.  So they waddle right in front of your car, taking their sweet time crossing the road.  They don't hesitate, get scared or instinctively fly away either!  They know you would have to stop for them and they never forget to give you a goose's version of the stink eye. 


-Parking lots are their restroom.  Its never a good start to your day when you take a step out of you car and find a special treat on the bottom of your shoe...or ever worse...your flip flop!  And its never a good end to your day when you find your car covered with goose deposits either, especially when you just had it washed the day before.

-There are a lot of them and when you get them angry...they can get aggressive.  I have never experienced a goose attack first hand, but I have heard stories of geese going Bruce Lee on people.  During the warmer months they can get even crazier because they have their little goslings to protect. 


-They can get SUPER loud.  On squawking goose isn't too bad and it's really easy to tune out.  But when you have a giant flock of geese squawking together, it can get irritating. 

I do not have a personal vendetta against them gooses.  In fact, I do think the baby goslings are so cute.  I just have my little moments where I wish they weren't there, but they can be entertaining....when they're bothering other people :)