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Got questions? They got answers!

Victor H Sanchez on Thursday, 10 December 2009. Posted in Advising & Support, Faculty

When I was in high school I was never the type of student that would go ask a teacher for help. That had to change once I arrived at RIT. All the professors at RIT are required to have at least 4 office hours a week. Office hours are times that the professor has to be in his/her office and students can stop by and ask for help or clarification.


Even though the teachers are only required to have four office hours, teachers are available a lot more then that. They always let their students know that they can stop by whenever they want or can make anappointment to assure that they will be there.


Outside of stopping by a professor’s office for help there are other ways to contact teachers. E-mail is always a good alternative to get in contact with a teacher. When teachers give out their syllabi at the beginning of the quarter many teachers will list their home or cell phone numbers, which they tell you to call if you have any questions, (within a reasonable hour of course even teachers need their sleep).

Tongue out 

RIT offers mycourses, which is an online way communication system between teachers and students. Through this website teachers can post notes, homework assignments or any other material that will be useful to students. Mycourses also has a page feature, which works like an instant messenger, allowing you to communicate with anyone else that has access to mycourses.


I used to think that teachers had no idea what aim was; I was wrong. Yesterday I aimed my professor to ask him for help on a homework question. Just goes to show you how accessible teachers are at RIT.