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Grade Text Notifications

Alissa Anderson on Thursday, 20 September 2012. Posted in Coursework

I am pleased to announce that RIT has joined the world of text notifications. I’ll be honest, I was disappointed to see our online course management system (myCourses) got revamped over the summer, I was used to the user interface and functions of the program... but after discovering the new features I am more then excited to use the system this year. MyCourses allows students to access course notes, grades and grade statistics, take quizzes, participate in class discussion, email classmates, and store/share documents. The system is heavily used by the online learning community, but recently the system has started to be integrated into on-campus courses because it provides an additional platform for  structured student interaction and conversation. Additionally, student organizations can use the myCourses features to connect members and share information. My favorite addition is the new grade text notification feature - students can now register their cell phone number and receive text messages when professors post new grades and the grade you received. Awesome addition RIT, +1


From one tech nerd to another,