Graphic or New Media Design?

Zachary Bokumiewicz on Monday, 04 February 2013. Posted in Majors & Minors

That is a question! So many prospective students know they have a passion for the arts and want to get into design, but they have no idea what kind of design they would like to do. The most common question I receive is ‘what is the difference between graphic and new media design?’


New Media was actually a new program to RIT when I came here as a freshman, and I myself was dealing with the same question, which I ended up asking one of the administrators, and their answer is one I use today.

Graphic design deals with mainly printed materials, while also working a little bit with digital media. New Media design is the opposite, designing everything for the screen. If you are interested in working with websites and motion graphics, then new media design is probably a better place for you. The program dived deeper into working with programs and coding needed to work in these areas. Graphic design is more hands on with printed materials created for branding or advertising purposes, the main focus being on traditional process and prepping files for print uses.


If you are still feeling torn, contact the School of Design office and speak to one of the advisors. They are more than willing to help describe things in easy terms.