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Greek Life

Shannon Patrick on Sunday, 17 January 2010. Posted in Clubs, Fraternity / Sorority Life, Student Life

If you've visited RIT, you may have heard us mention the Greek population on campus, which hovers around 12% of the student body and there are about 30 organizations to choose from. While this is not an overwhelming majority by any means, 12% of 15,000 students is still a pretty big number!

Aside from networking and, for girls, knowing there will always be a group of girls for you to hang out with and talk to in a school that's predominantly male, being in a fraternity or a sorority also comes with other perks.

One of the big things on our campus is philanthropy. Every Greek organization has a national philanthropy or cause they work and raise money for through different fun events throughout the year. Some examples are:

Zeta Tau Alpha - Think Pink
The "Make the Rink Pink" event is Saturday, January 30! The sisters of ZTA and the hockey teams are working together and hope to "Pink Out" (vs. White Out, Orange Out, etc) the stands at the game, while raising money for Breast Cancer awareness.

Alpha Xi Delta - Autism Speaks
At FreezeFest (the first week of February!), the sisters of AXiD plan to set up a RITchie photobooth! Everyone will be able to get their photo taken with our mascot RITchie the Tiger and then purchase the photo in a hand-painted frame to raise money for Autism awareness.

Pi Kappa Phi - Push America

During the fall quarter, new-to-campus Pi Kappa Phi rode exercise bikes in the middle of the Quarter Mile for a few days without stopping. People could donate per mile, sponsor a Pi Kapp brother, or just donate anything they could spare to aid people with disabilities.

Delta Phi Epsilon - Cystic Fibrosis

The ladies of DPhiE will be "Bowling 4 Breath" tomorrow night, January 18, to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis! Best of luck to these girls for a successful event!

On top of all the fun philanthropic activities that go on, fraternities and sororities also hold recruitment events for students interested in joining Greek life, and social events where you meet the members of another house. Every house also has one or two formals every year (like a collegiate prom!) which are always a lot of fun plus you get all dressed up!

Just remember, what you see in the movies and on TV is not what you can expect from Greek Life - at least not here at RIT. The Greeks take pride in their sisterhoods and brotherhoods. When you come to RIT as a student, if you're even remotely interested you should go through the recruitment process in either the fall or spring quarters. You never know -- you could meet your brothers or sisters for life!