Greek Week 2013

Ricky B. on Thursday, 02 May 2013. Posted in Community Service, Fraternity / Sorority Life, Student Life

Greek Week 2013 ran from April 14th to April 21 this year and came with a mix of new and returning events. The purpose of Greek Week is to foster positive inter-Greek relations and to provide fun and constructive events for the Greek community. Sunday afternoon saw the kick-off with t-shirts being distributed to teams in Fireside Lounge. Competitive events started on Monday with Canstruction. Teams were told to collect food cans in advance of Greek Week to be used in a can structure building contest. After the event the cans were donated to Foodlink. Greek Week 2013 teams Greek Week 2013 teams[/caption] Tuesday's event was the hallmark event of Greek Week: the chariot race. Unfortunately, the race was postponed to Friday due to the weather.Black Team's (winning) canstruction design Black Team's (winning) Canstruction design[/caption] On Wednesday teams participated in the Olympic Search & Find. Teams were given a list of 25 items, some given as riddles, to be found in 90 minutes. Scores for the top three teams were extremely close but the Black Team came out on top. Thursday night saw teams competing in the Greek Variety Show. The show was another new addition to Greek Week and was successful in terms of participation, attendance, and quality of performances. The Yellow Team came in first place by performing a dance act to Macklemore's "Thift Shop." On Friday the Chariot Race finally ran. 4 teams bravely faced the cold air, rain, and wind with the Yellow Team winning. This year the chariots were rider-less, much to the disappointment of the Greek Community. The decision was made in the upper levels of Student Affairs and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life is working hard to try to get riders back in the chariot race next year. After the race, teams took part in a Capture the Flag tournament in which Black Team took the "W." On Saturday there were no events in order to allow Greeks to attend the annual Connectology Leadership Advancement Conference. Sunday morning teams competed in NALFO's Annual Softball Tournament. After a series of quick games, the Blue Team ultimately came away victorious. The week closed out with Greek Awards on Sunday afternoon.Alpha Sigma Alpha won the 2013 President's Cup while Jonathan Diaz and Jenna Deutsch were named Greek Man and Greek Woman of the year, respectively. The final standings:

  1. Black Team (Lambda Alpha Upsilon, Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Sigma Kappa, & Zeta Tau Alpha): 620 points
  2. Blue Team (Kappa Delta Rho, Lambda Upsilon Lambda, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Nu, & Omega Phi Beta): 500 points
  3. Green Team (Delta Phi Epsilon, Phi Kappa Tau, Sigma Alpha Mu, & Sigma Chi): 390 points
  4. Yellow Team (Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Lambda Pi Chi, Lambda Sigma Upsilon, & Phi Delta Theta): 360 points
  5. Red Team (Alpha Xi Delta, Pi Kappa Phi, & Tau Kappa Epsilon): 130 points