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Halloween at RIT

Kevin Granger on Friday, 02 November 2012.

RIT is known, at least in terms of its student life, to be full of character. On many days of the year, it is also known to be full of characters. Halloween is no exception to this rule!

In the days prior, I was invited to no less than three halloween events hosted by the school. One hosted by the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences (GCCIS), one by the Center for Campus life, and one by the Interactive Games and Media department. If I was living in the residence halls, judging by my RA friends’ facebook posts, there would be even even more events!

I started the day off in my Intro to Interactive Media class. I walked in to see my professor wearing an elephant suit, walking by a magic carpet from Aladdin, and a Moogle. We got to our in-class assignment, and received candy. She let us out early though, so that we could go to the GCCIS halloween party first and grab all of the candy. Score!

GCCIS was having a costume contest as well! Get your picture taken and enter in any category: creepiest costume, best overall, best group costume, etc.

I went through the Campus Center to get a gumball, as I do every day, and to check in on foursquare (I’m on a mission to regain the mayorshop of the gumball machine, WHICH SHOULD RIGHTFULLY BE MINE.) There I saw tons more candy, and a haunted house! I was far too scared/busy to enter, but I heard several screams.

Later that day I checked out the IGM halloween party. It really emphesized the character you find here at RIT. There were several amazing costumes: an extremely authentic Japansese kimono (turns out he studied abroad in Japan. Whaddya know?), a very spot-on lego minifig (who turend out to be my advisor), and of course, bandanna man!

I also bumped into not one but two slendermen, so I peaced right out of there quickly.

Happy halloween, y’all. Stay safe. Check your candy for razorblades.