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Hard at Work in the Office...

Erin Hazeltine on Thursday, 29 October 2009. Posted in Faculty, Student Life

OK so this week is Halloween, in college that still means lots of candy and dressing up. Yesterday in the office the candy was introduced. Our area sits right next to the candy area, this is sometimes a good thing when you just need that chocolate fix, but most of the time this only creates sugar highs! Yesterday one of my coworkers/student ambassadors got into the candy corn bowl and I think the pictures below explain the whole thing!


Devin at his best, and Sheila questioning her student workers!


notice the broken tooth


hard at work or hardly working?

Devin is a greeter on Mondays, so if you want the chance to meet him come to the 2 o'clock tour session and you just may get the joy of this crazy child! (but only 2 weeks left as the quarter will be over and a new schedule will face us!)