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hello i love you.

Amanda Lasicki on Saturday, 18 March 2006.

well, it certainly has been a long time since i've written. i'm not gonna lie, i actually forgot about it. see, first there was finals week and then there was spring break. i was going to make and update once i got back talking about spring break, but my wonderful laptop crashed and everything was erased and i had to send it away. it was a traumatic experience. i cried in the middle of the apple store when they told me they couldn't retrieve anything from the hard drive. like, i had every single picture i have taken since grade seven on it. that's a lot to lose, esp for me, the nostalgia freak that i am. anywho, the point is, the link for me to update this was on there and i totally had no clue how to get to the website.

so quick recap: finals went well. i think the best part about finals week is being on campus and not really having much to do. its nice and relaxing. i think i was sick though. gosh, it seems so long ago and it was maybe three weeks ago.

i was super hyped up for spring break since my school was putting on west side story. opening night was originally that thursday, but because of snow it was cancelled. of course i was the first to know because i didn't sleep from wednesday to thursday because i was packing and hanging out with friends. i went to see all three west side story shows and they did SUCH A GOOD JOB. it's not just cause it's my school, they do a really good job for being high schoolers and only having six weeks to do stuff.

there's my jet boys. it's kinda blurry because i was far away and it was dark and i wasn't using a flash. but yes, i got to hang out with all my friends for an entire weekend and i realized how much i miss musicals. i wish RIT had them. they were such a big part of my life back home.

the rest of the week included my hard drive crashing, getting a job for the summer [abercrombie and fitch], riding my bike indoors , hanging out with ange-face, and getting a digital SLR.

at the end of the week i got to hang out with my islanders. we went to see another high school's version of OOTI [once on this island]. mmm there was one part where they didn't know the words to a song. that's kinda not cool.

so now i'm back at RIT for ten more's real scary how fast this year has flown by. i have some pretty ridiculous projects for this quarter. by tuesday i need 500 images of green things for photo...luckily yesterday was st. patty's day so i got a few then.

well now i'm off to write a paper...totally not cool for a saturday.