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hello it's week five

Amanda Lasicki on Tuesday, 03 October 2006.

today is october 3rd. i'm pretty sure it's someone in my family's birthday. that's not important. the new decemberists cd came out today!! that is very important. very very very important. more important than that is the fact that in ONE MONTH i will be seeing them LIVE IN CONCERT. where? not rochester. NEW YORK CITY. woooooo!! i'm super hardcore excited x10.

well. i just found out that my friend designed the decemberists myspace. this is a little too much for me at the moment. i am freakin out!!
so basically, i want to be my friend when i grow up. because he just informed me that he is going to visit the apple headquarters next week.

okay, so enough ranting about the decemberists and apple and tim.

last night my friends came over and cooked dinner for me AND cleaned the dishes. i love having a kitchen. we had beef teriyaki and mashed potatoes and peas and cinnamon buns. we had a minor incident with the cinnamon buns. wesley undercooked them the first time around then put them back in and didn't take them out. so. terry goes "hmm...i think those might be done by now." we open the oven up and smoke is POURING out. i was just like "DOORS. WINDOWS. NOW." i did not want to set the fire alarm off.

i went apple picking with photohouse on saturday!! it was quite the fun time. a floor member's family owns an orchard so they let us come for free. they had all different types of apples and some were HUGEEEE. others were really tiny and cute! hee hee.

floor members being crazy there.

tomorrow i have another studio shoot. blahhhh. i wish we could be outside and enjoying this nice weather!! i'm sick of being pent up in the studios.

well i'm off to go shopping. peace out kids!!

oh - ps - i'm doing a chat session next wednesday! yay!