Hello world!

on Tuesday, 26 December 2006. Posted in Study Abroad

I'm just getting getting set up on this thing, and I must say, I am not very blog-savvy.

Allow me to introduce myself-
I'm a fourth year Fine Art Studio major. My major includes painting, sculpture and printmaking. You don't have to choose any concentration, so I split my time with painting and printmaking. I never got into the 3D end of it.

This winter is going to be my last quarter at RIT as an undergrad. I am graduating one quarter early because I studied abroad this past summer. It was the best choice I have EVER made. I studied with Syracuse University through the RIT Study Abroad program. I lived in Florence, Italy and took two classes; Masterpieces of Italian Art and Silksceening. Those classes added up to 6 semester credits (for 6 weeks), but when they transfered back to RIT they were 9 quarter credits! I traveled to Spain, among other places, and did a printmaking workshop with one of my RIT professor's good friends and picked up another 3 credits in Independant Study... which made me full time, got me financial aid for the whole trip and allowed me to graduate early.

I am home for the holiday right now, but after the new year I will be heading back to my lovely on campus apartment. I'm very involved in Greek life at RIT and I have a lot of fun projects to get going on before classes start up again!

Until next time...