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henrietta jones and the golden brick

Amanda Lasicki on Sunday, 25 March 2007. Posted in The Arts

that my friends, was the title/theme of last night's show, the 7th annual night of a capella put on by those wonderful boys in the hawaiian shirts, the brick city singers. in addition to bcs, we were also entertained by the wheaton whims, an all female a capella group from wheaton college, the chiclettes from elmira, another all female group, and the pitt pendulums, a co-ed group. bcs also puts together a little movie each year for the show. this year's movie featured rj pena as "henrietta jones" and he was on the search for the golden brick that simone had hid from the ancient simoneans when they became greedy. bcs put on an amazing show to quite a large audience. they also released their newest cd, cheap leis. i rarely buy cds. in fact, the last cd i bought thats put out by a record label was the outkast cd in the fall of 2003. i've bought two cds since then. both of them were bcs. SOOOO everybody should head over to their site ( and check them out!!

also this weekend, i went back home to see my high school's production of "grease". AMAZING. the funny thing is, most of the kids in the show, along with myself and many of my friends went to theater camp where every year we performed the song "we go together" at the end. it was really awesome to see everybody performing it in a real production instead of our three week camp cabaret. (i'm trying to figure out how to insert an image cause i have some swell ones from the play)

so yeah, i drove nearly 1000 miles in twenty seven hours for both of these events. i do these things for music. that's probably the one thing about RIT that bugs me, we don't have musical theater. that makes me sad. at least i found singers.

i started chorus in third grade. my first part in a play was also that year, it was a play about counting. i got to be one of six black crows. later that year, i was in a musical version of johnny appleseed. i since made my presence known in many other musicals, most recently in fiddler on the roof. the music department was the best part about high school. we took awesome trips and it was just a fun group of people. when i got to RIT, i didn't find out about the music department until the middle of winter quarter last year. i wish i had found out sooner. i am having just as much fun with my friends in singers as i did in high school. i've written before about the obscene amount of kids from my high school that go here. well, for the most part, we were all in the music department, so there's quite a few of us in the music department here. i'm the only one in singers, but ryn is thinking about joining next year if she has time and ryan and chris are in band. also, i'll see ryan at singers events and singers parties and he knows all the same people i do.

i can't figure out how to upload the picture. ]= i'll go harrass jp about that.

spring quarter is shaping up to be a fun (and busy) quarter. next friday i am going to see the decemberists in concert in buffalo. april 13th is the photo house formal and april 20th another a capella group, eight beat measure, is having their concert. may 5th there is a ben folds concert on campus and my roommate and i are planning on camping out in front of the field house box office the day tickets go on sale.

OH!! i forgot the how i plan on tying in musical theater into photo part of this entry. this quarter, my photo class project is a quarter long project. quarter long projects are awesome but they suck for procrastinators like me. for our project, we have to document a community so i am *crosses fingers* trying to get access to just hang out at nazareth while they do cabaret and photograph the whole thing, rehearsals, set building, backstage, cast parties. hopefully this works out, i'm pumped for it!!


yay jp just showed me/fixed it so i can upload pics!!! theres my precious cast of grease <3