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here we go again

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 26 April 2006.

it's week seven. that's a pretty crazy time. it seems like i suddenly have all this work. on top of that, there's concerts and parties and activites and schedules to make and forms to fill out. as much as i don't want the year to end, it's kind of like OKAY can we be done now?

i hate that i'm just making these really awesome new friends now. i've been spending a lot of time on photo house and it's such a cool floor. now i kinda wish i had sent in my housing forms on time. don't get me wrong, i love my floor, but i never really knew anybody in my major except for the kids in my class. now i'm meeting new people and hanging out in the studio and just having a blast. it sort of reminds me of the end of last year when i went to disney world with my music department. i got to know all these people i hadn't really known at all and then bam, the year was over. i guess that's how life works.

i really miss my dog. he's an old black lab, i got him for my 6th birthday. my friends call him the grandpa dog. he's what i miss most and i know that sounds bad but i mean the other things i miss a lot from home are my room, my parents, and my friends. well, i made my room here real similar to my room and the ladies i work with act like parents and i have friends here. but there's no dogs. ]= some of my friends are living in a converted barn next year and they said they're going to get a bunch of dogs. i was like "okay, so i'll come over, come in, MAYBE say hi to you then go play with the dogs."

well that is all for now. i have images to edit. yay?