Hey, I'm Ryan!

Ryan Roy on Thursday, 07 September 2017. Posted in Student Life

Hey everyone! My name is Ryan Roy, and I'm a second year American Sign Language Interpreting to English major. When I graduate, I want to work as a Mental Health Interpreter, which is why I'm double minoring in Psychology and Criminal Justice. After I'm done with my Bachelors degree from NTID, I'd like to return to get my Masters in Health Care Interpretation.

So, where am I from? Who am I? 

I'm from a small town in Maine called Wilton and, while I was home schooled from kindergarten until my junior year of high school, I graduated from our local public high school called Mt Blue High School. My graduating class had about 180 people in it. I really liked being home schooled because I feel like my mom gave me an awesome education. I was also able to get one-on-one help at times when I needed it the most - which isn't always possible when there are 20 other people in your classes. I have a pretty long list of interests so I'll try to condense it as much as possible. I love animals and my cat, Lady Meowsalot, is currently living with me. I've taken horseback riding lessons since I was 9 years old and am trying to follow that interest here at RIT. I play the piano, attend clubs such as RITGA (RIT's LGBTQIA+ alliance) when I have the time, and work on campus. On a normal school day, you can find me in the Q Center or relaxing in between my classes at Dining Commons.

A question that I feel is very commonly asked is, "Why did you choose RIT/NTID?" RIT/NTID was actually my first choice school. During my sophomore year of high school, I started taking American Sign Language. For some reason, it really clicked with me. When my ASL teacher started telling me about interpreting as a career, I got really excited. RIT has one of the best interpreting programs in the nation so it made sense to apply. Rochester also has a huge Deaf and Hard of Hearing population as well and what better way to learn a language than to socialize with native users? Fall of my senior year, my family made the trip to Rochester to visit RIT at an Open House. The minute I stepped foot on campus I knew this was the place I had to be. I applied early decision and when I got my acceptance letter I almost sobbed.

Even after only one year, RIT/NTID feels like home. I went home for about four days after school ended and then returned to campus for the summer. I worked, met other students, made new friends, moved into my first apartment, and even started a new job! I've grown so much and made so many new discoveries about myself here that I couldn't even begin to imagine what my freshman year of college would have been like had I gone to a different college. Go Tigers!