Hi, I'm Wystan!

Wystan Wang on Thursday, 14 September 2017. Posted in Student Life

What’s up, everyone!


My name is Wystan Wang, and I am a second-year student in New Media Design, with an immersion in Applied Statistics. You are probably thinking, "Why did you choose a science immersion for a design major?" For my first year, I was actually in the Applied Statistics and Actuarial Science program. After my second semester at RIT, I realized that this major was not the right one for me, even though I thought that I could handle it when I was graduating from high school. I got help from RIT Co-op and Career Service Office, who helped me figure out which major was the right one for me. That is how I ended up becoming an art student. What a huge change!


More about myself. I am an international student! I am originally from Kunming, a city located in southwest part of China. My city is also named “Spring City” because the temperature is always 55 to 75 degrees year-around; we hardly get snow days there. Compared to my hometown, Rochester is a little bit colder. I'm not sure why, but I love the cold… maybe because I love snowboarding. I have been in the United States for a few years now, so it was not as much of a culture shock coming to RIT. I actually graduated from an American high school in Delaware, and I lived in Landenberg, PA, for about 2 years.


Why did I choose RIT? A lot of people have asked me this question before. First of all, RIT had a great accelerated program for my first major, Applied Statistics and Actuarial Science. I could have graduated with BS and MS degrees in five years! Sounds awesome, right? Secondly, I visited RIT after being admitted. I loved the campus! It is really beautiful no matter the season. Campus as a whole is set back on its own property away from the city with less through traffic, which makes me feel safe. Further more, I need to consider the idea of getting a job after I graduate from college, right? RIT has a high employment rate for students, so that was another thing that attracted me when I made my decision for college.


I've talked a lot about school stuff already, so now I'll talk a little about what I love to do outside the class. As I mentioned before, I love snowboarding. Rochester has a long winter, so it is an awesome place for me to go to snowboarding during the winter. Additionally, I love listening to music. I do not have a specific favorite genre, but my favorite band is Imagine Dragons (they are awesome!). I am also involved on campus. Some of the organizations I am in include House of General Science, Sigma CHi, Admissions, Electronic Gaming Society, Intramural, etc. It is always fun to join different clubs and organizations. You will be able to meet a lot of amazing people and make more friends!


Overall, I feel people are nice and amazing; campus is huge and beautiful at RIT. You will find what you are capable of doing here at RIT. Go Tigers!