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Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 13 March 2008. Posted in Athletics

ATTENTION EVERYBODY WHO LIVES WITHIN 50 MILES OF ROCHESTER: on saturday night, RIT is playing in the semifinal games against air force. if we win saturday, we go onto the championship on sunday. COME SEE IT!!!!!!! i bought a weekend pass because i PLAN on us winning.

every summer for two weekends, RIT hosts college and careers which is an overnight program for students between their junior and senior years of high school. this year it is july 18 - 19 and august 1 - 2. i would definitely recommend making the trip for this program. even if you live rather far away, if you are going to do one college visit, this one is it. some of the things, like about graduation requirements are RIT specific, but other things, like getting the stay over night in the dorms with kids from all over the country, is something you will have to deal with no matter what college you go to.

i did this program several years ago and one of the little workshops i took was "special effects photography". it was incredibly interesting and i couldn't wait to take the full class as an RIT student. i even remember the photos we took and how we did them.

well, fast foward to present day and i'm taking special effects photography!! our professor (the same one who led the workshop) asked if any of us had gone to college and careers and a few kids raised their hands and he asked who had done special effects and another girl and myself raised our hands. then, she said to him, "you took a picture of me" and i said, "me too". (i had been the example for this really sweet pic that made it look like i had ten arms) so then when there was a lull, i turned to the girl and asked which session she had gone to and she said, "you were in my're in the picture he took of me" she had been the example for an image where the professor exposed half the piece of film at a time and then had her move so she was in the image twice.

in addition to special effects, this quarter i am also taking principles of advertising, principles of marketing, and color management. it's going to be a very busy quarter!! but so far i like all of my classes. oh and singers! i nearly forgot about that one...but i've had it so many times before, you've heard all about it.

so i haven't written about music lately...well. the other day, i got in my car and the radio was on to like a normal station, top hits and such. alicia keys was on. and then suddenly the next song to come on was dammit by blink 182. i have NEVER heard this song on the radio. i was a pretty happy camper while i drove home. when i was younger, i was such a blink fan. i think my little 13 year old dream come true was the pop disaster tour - blink 182, green day, and saves the day. so my music theme this month is: throwbacks! (that i still sometimes listen to)

blink 182 - dude ranch
dude ranch the album that got me interested in blink 182 back in middle school. while most of my friends were dancing around to backstreet boys and nsync, my mom was complaining that all blink ever sang about was "stupid inappropriate things". so, if you don't like "stupid inappropriate things" maybe you won't like this cd. it's definitely an oldie but goodie and i know the song dammit was on one of the american pie soundtracks.


saves the day - stay what you are
this album is still one of my all-time favorites. in 2001, i discovered just how amazing the internet was. while i got ready for school, i used to have mtv2 on just for background noise. they had been playing the video for "at your funeral" by saves the day for a few weeks and i really liked it. during study hall one day, i searched for them and found out that (at the time) they had their newest album online and you could listen to the entire thing. i had never come across anything like that before and elena and i listened to it every day in study hall. my fave songs are cars and calories, this is not an exit, and firefly.

last night, i watched a really amazing movie and i just thought i'd share it with you. like, this one goes right up there with eternal sunshine. please don't get scared off by the's called "wristcutters: a love story". it's actually a comedy/romance. it was premiered at a film festival in 2006 and is being released on DVD march 28. the basic plotline is that when people commit suicide on earth, they wind up in this really weird messed up afterlife. the main character goes on a roadtrip, along with his friend (a russian rock star), and a hitchhiker they pick up along the way who swears up and down that it's a mistake that she's there. if you just sort of roll with the weird stuff and don't dwell on that part too much, it's an amazing movie.

and last but not least: some upcoming events at RIT...(besides hockey). st. patrick's day is coming up and i plan on showing my irish pride. if only the sun would come out just a bit so my freckles would show a bit more. NOAC or night of a capella is on the 22nd. its brick city singers big a capella show. and at the end of march, i'm traveling to washington dc!!