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Hockey Mania

Emily Okey on Sunday, 25 January 2009. Posted in Athletics

If you find yourself having to decide between two colleges… just keep in mind whichever one has men’s ice hockey is the better of the two... especially if it’s RIT men’s hockey ;)

I’ve seen a LOT of hockey this weekend. It all started out last Thursday night when my roommate and I as well as two friends of ours drove an hour and a half to Buffalo. The men’s team was (then) on a 9 game winning streak and we just couldn’t miss a game especially because they weren’t playing at home this weekend (we had to get our hockey fix in, of course). The drive there wasn’t actually that bad, it wasn’t snowing which was a shocker for Buffalo. Got there just in time to see the team warm up eventhough we got lost driving through the campus. They were playing the Canisius “Golden Griffen’s”—our mascot is way better, if you ask me. The game went by pretty quickly, RIT scored their first goal 37 seconds into the first period. Unfortunatelythe sound system there was so bad that we couldn’t even hear who was scoring the goals so it wasn’t until after we got back home that we realized one of theplayers, Matt Crowell, scored his 12th, 13th and 14thgoals of the season! They ended up winning 5 – 2 J

Friday was more hockey. As Amanda already talked about in her last post, the women’s hockey team was playing at home. I have to agree with her in that I missed all of the fighting (I’m normally not a violent person, I promise) but it was a very good game and they won in an exciting overtime, which I haven’t seen yet this season! It was also the largest crowd in women’s hockey history! Saturday they were playing againat home but we decided that we should probably get some homework done because…

Sunday was even MORE hockey! My roommate and I woke up this morning and got ready to take the bus to Buffalo (yet again) to see the men’s team play their second game of the weekend. A very generous person (whose name has slipped my mind) donated enough money so that RIT could provide lunch and buses for whoever wanted to go see the game. You can definitely feel the school spirit when 150 (?) people board three buses to drive an hour and a half away. It was a very exciting game too.. Canisius scored the first goal of the game and RIT was down by either 1 or 2 goals for much of the game. With six minutes left in the game, RIT was down 3-1. Much to the excitement of the RIT fans, they came back with 2 minutes left in the 3rd period to win 4 – 3! Go Tigers!

Next Friday, RIT is playing in the Blue Cross Arena. There are only a few games left in the season—I have no idea what I’m going to do until next October!!