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holiday traditions

Amanda Lasicki on Thursday, 22 November 2007. Posted in Student Life, The Arts

happy thanksgiving!!!!!!!

today is what i consider the start of the holiday season. what are some of your traditions during the holiday season?

now that i'm older, my friends and i have some traditions that blend in with our families' traditions.

for starters, thanksgiving break is the first break where all of my friends are home from college. that means we spend time together. the past two years, my high school's fall drama has been the weekend before thanksgiving so i've managed to see it. last year it was "noises off" and this year it was "the attempted murder of peggy sweetwater".

last year and this year with some of my roommates from high school.

another tradition is seeing my friends katherine and kathryn. last year, they both showed up at my house and we just sat on my bed laughing and talking about everything for four hours. we really want to do that before katherine goes back to school (kathryn goes to RIT so we'll be here still) but i don't know if there will be time this year.

the last show i did here in NF was "fiddler on the roof" and the cast was really close. every break that we have had, we have had a "fidz" gathering. this break, it's planned for saturday, so i will def write about that later. last year we went to carrie's and ate mac and cheese and watched some movie. this year we're going to a movie and a diner. or somebody's house. we haven't really decided yet.

for actual thanksgiving, i go up to my aunt's house outside albany. she usually has close to thirty people over and she has to set up two other large tables to fit everybody. my stepcousin and i usually just take our food and go eat on the porch with the dogs. when we were younger, we used to tie up our much older cosuin tim. and set "traps" around the house. we were great kids.

after thanksgiving, i start blasting christmas carols. it's great. the sunday after thanksgiving, my mom and i always go up to the yankee candle factory store to start some christmas shopping. we get some yummy smelling christmas-y candles and also a christmas ornament for our tree. last year, we got an ornament that was a mini saxophone (i play). we also go get a box of fudge that usually doesn't last the car ride home. i usually go run around the mall with my friends. we don't buy anything, we just marvel at the crowds. and contemplate having our picture taken with santa.
in one of the more epic moments of my life, elena and i ran up the down escalator singing the laverne and shirley theme song.

the week after thanksgiving, us RIT students have the privledge of still being home on break. nice. this is normally christmas tree set up time. last year, the tree went up at elena's house first. this was not without problems...after ange and i had decorated the tree completely, elena came home and decided she wanted it in a different corner of the living room. we also decorate the tree at my house, which again also has some problems. last year was fine, but one year, i managed to knock the entire thing over. go me.

so after thanksgiving break, i go back to RIT and throw myself into school work. but there's fun things going on there too! for singers, we have two christmas concerts and there's usually several christmas parties going on throughout the three weeks back.

then i come back home, where my homefriends have already been for a week. for the past two years, my friends have had a festivus party. you know, a festivus for the rest of us.

one tradition my family has thats just for the four of us is on christmas eve, i get to open a gift from under the tree. it started out when i was a little kid as a reward for being good at church. when i got older, it started again because the power went out one christmas eve and my parents felt bad cause i had nothing to play with. i was like seven. my mom told me i could open a gift and i went for the biggest box, hoping it was the dollhouse i wanted. it wasn't. it was clothes. i was so upset and my mom felt bad so she showed me which box was the dollhouse. another year, i had opened a CD but i didn't have a CD player, so that ruined my big present of the year. now my mom usually gives me a specific one to open.

also on christmas eve, we go to my aunt's house here in NF. she lives on the lake and it's so pretty driving around and seeing everybody's lights up and down the steep hills around the lake.

christmas day, my family and i go to the city to see the christmas spectacular. elena's dad plays in the orchestra for it. this year, he's getting us backstage passes so we can get a tour and even go on stage. i'm so excited!!

we usually have another fidz gathering during christmas break. pretty much the same thing goes on as the thanksgiving one, so i won't elaborate.

i don't really have a tradition for new year's eve. i have never gone to times square to see the ball drop. i don't plan on it either. last year, i was really sick and i went to my friends house and fell asleep at 8:30. they woke me up in time to see the ball drop. for when it was turning the year 2000, i had a sleepover at my house. at midnight, my friends and i went running around my neighborhood banging on pots and pans. another year, my friend elissa had slept over my house a few days ealier but there was an awful snow storm, so she wound up staying at my house for most of christmas break.

so that's my holiday season.