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Home Stretch

Clarissa Baston on Thursday, 05 November 2009. Posted in Academic Calendar, Coursework, Student Life

Week 9 is coming to an end, but I have yet to let out a sigh of relief.  It's pretty much crunch time for me and it's the time that I really have to push through to get the grades that I want.  One of the perks of being an art student is that there a very few "real" finals.  By real finals I mean, long exams that you have to study hours upon hours to prepare for.  So if you like taking tests, it wouldn't be a perk.  I, on the other hand, am a terrible test taker.  I pretty much stress myself out til I can't focues properly and totally flub the exam. 

Instead of exams, I mostly have projects due the 11th week (finals week), which is awesome because they just happen to fall on the same day.  SO I can head straight home after I'm done.  I am very excited about this. 

I remember my first Thanksgiving back from my freshmen year and feeling so weird about everything.   You start noticing things about your house that you never really realized.  For me, it was the smell.  Coming from an Asian background, I never noticed that my house had a certain smell.  It wasn't a bad was just a cornicopia of scents that the house has collected over the years from my mom's cooking. 

Also, parents tend to change things around when their kids go off to college.  I think they're trying to fill the void.  Tongue out  Other parents try to replace their kids with animals.  I know ever since my boyfriend and his brothers went off to school, their mom has replaced them with 2 cats and a dog.  She is threatening to get another pet.  lol. 

Anyways during break is a great time to catch up with family and friends from home.  But after a couple days, you'll start aching to go back to school...