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Home Sweet Home

Patricia Schiotis on Saturday, 22 May 2010. Posted in Student Life

After a week of finals, packing, and goodbyes, I am finally home.  It felt so weird to pull off of campus and begin my four hour journey back to Albany.

This week, I spent my time studying for my finals, and slowly my exam grades are now being posted online.  I find myself constantly checking my grades to see if my hard work has paid off.  For the grades posted so far, my hard work and determination has reflected in my grades earned this quarter. 

Once I finished my last final on Friday morning, I began the packing process.  This year, I had to pack my entire apartment.  I needed to organize what I needed to put in storage at my local family in the area, what I needed to cram in the car with my father, who traveled the four hours to collect all my belongs, and what needed to be thrown away.  I thought I would never finishing packing, but it surprisingly only took a few hours.

 Lastly, I needed to say my goodbyes.   I saw my close friends, gave them hugs, and told them I would be visiting them this summer.  Before I left campus, I attended the Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences Commencement Ceremony to see my Big Sister in my sorority walk across the stage!  While sitting in the stands, I began reflecting on my past two years, and realized that in three years I would be walking across that same stage.  Once the ceremony was completed, I said my final goodbyes and began my journey back home.

Now that I am home, I just need to unpack.  I realized that when I was packing my apartment, I just wanted everything gone, so I didn’t organize anything.  The unpacking process will probably take a few weeks, but I am no rush.  I have all summer to unpack my belongings, just to repack for my mini vacations to visit my friends, and finally repack to move back to RIT in the end of August.