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Home... sweet home...?

Victor H Sanchez on Monday, 13 July 2009. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County

I have now been back from France for 12 days; I know I still have so much to write about my experiences in France, I promise I will post more blogs soon.
After France I decided to go home, White Plains NY, before returning to Rochester and working at Admissions for the rest for the summer. I love being home; I try to get home any break that I can. The things that I love the most about home are my Family, friends and the food. I really miss Mexican food while I am way and I know that I am very picky but, no Mexican food is as good as what I get at home.
During my 10 Weeks at home, we had three family BBQs and 2 other Family dinners. It is not rare for all my family to get together at one of my uncles house just for dinner, or sometimes just for coffee. I love having all my family in the same place sharing stories and telling jokes.
One other thing I like about being home is I live just a 30min train ride from NYC. I really enjoy the fact that I can visit NYC anytime I want. My friend from Rochester went down for a weekend and I was able to show him around the city, even though it is really annoying how many tourists there are, this time of year.  Tongue out
Though I love being home and seeing my parents and my friends, there is a part of me that feels out of place while at home. I have been living of campus for two quarters now, and right before leaving for France my best friend and I found an apartment to live in; that was waiting for our return to Rochester.   
While at home, I really didn’t have much to do. I waited for my parents and sister to get off work so we can go out. Once we got home in the night everyone was tired and went to bed, I was always up late reading or playing on the computer. While in Rochester I am at least able to have friend over till whenever I get tired, or even go out. It has always been hard for me to ask my parents to go out after a certain time, even after going to college. So as long as I am home I try very hard not to go out after a certain time or be back home by a certain time. This type of freedom I miss every time I go home.
I have always been told that “home is where the heart is”, is it possible to have two home? Can your heart be in two different places? I think so. Even though I was very happy to be home I am also very happy to beck in Rochester. Laughing