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honey, i'm home

Amanda Lasicki on Tuesday, 06 June 2006. Posted in Residence Life

i'm home. i've been here for a week and a half.

2 am the night before i left we decided to rearrange the room. luckily, my floor wasn't the type to sleep ever so we had some help. but then we realized we were missing bed pieces and while the beds were STANDING they weren't neccesarily safe to sleep in. so what's manda decide to do? SLEEPOVER IN THE LOUNGE!! mmm indeed. we dragged our mattresses down there and had a nice last night celebration.

not too much has happened since i got home. my job fell through so i have NOTHING to do. everybody else is still in school. it's quite strange, being here all day by myself. not a big fan of it.

the main event of my summer has already passed. PROM!! i had soooo much fun. like. it was two days after i got home so it was my first time seeing everybody and i just had so much fun.

just one more thing before i assault you all with pictures. my room was a DISASTER when i came back. my dad had thrown all the boxes in and like i couldn't even walk in here. there's still stuff piled on my bed so i can't sleep in it. i don't know what to do with all this stuff. most of it i bought for this year and like my mom tells me to put it away, but where is away? and i ask her where away is and she doesn't know and tells me "throw it in your room." then complains when it is in my room. mothers.

so. now for pictures.

thats me and my best friend ange from home. she came to visit for A WEEK in april. i was one happy camper.

thats me and my friend sarina at prom. our prom is on a boat in NYC cause ummm i'm from fairfield county and thats how we roll. sarina is coming to RIT next year!

okay, i lied i only have two photos. but that's cause my internet at home is slow.