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Hooded Goodness

Josh Vickerson on Thursday, 06 December 2012. Posted in Student Life

Back in November, I wrote about the weather's quick descent to cold. Since then, there have been really cold days with high temperatures in the upper 20's and there have also been days like today (December 4th, at the time of this writing). Today, Rochester decided to be 60 degrees. Bipolar weather is back; the forecast calls for snow tomorrow. With this surge in temperature, I thought I'd share my earlier writing on the change in weather.

(Call it shameless self-promotion of my personal blog if you will)...

Some are taking the start of November to begin their participation in NaNoWriMo, while many others are writing Facebook statuses each day to say what they're thankful for. I do like the idea of making a point of saying what I'm thankful for each day - it keeps things in perspective, after all - but I want to do something more than a Facebook status. I could never take on the challenge of NaNoWriMo (which requires you to write over 1600 words worth of a novel every single day). Instead, I will be blogging once a day talking about what I'm thankful for and expanding upon it. This is both a tribute to Thanksgiving and an excellent writing exercise. I begin my month of extraordinary thankfulness with this: Today I am thankful for hooded sweatshirts.

The weather in Rochester, unpredictable as it may be, decided November 1st was a good time to make a change too. With the changing of the month, mother nature decided it was time to crank up the A/C. Today was the coldest day we've had all quarter, I think (it certainly felt like it!). As I crossed campus multiple times today, the bitter cold wind cut through my clothing. Throwing my hood over my head, however, made a significant difference. In the hood, I was warm.

I find it almost ironic that the sweatshirt I was wearing today is one of my warmest: it was purchased in Texas. It's likely a jacket Texans would wear in January in 50 degree weather, but today's low 40's, wet, windy Rochester weather was unpleasantly cool. I wouldn't quite call it "cold", but it was certainly close to it. I probably could've stood to have worn a wind breaker over my sweatshirt to keep a bit warmer, but the hood worked just as well.

Sweatshirt weather is here in full force and it's time for me to dig out a few more. I brought an extra back with me after going to Maine a couple weeks ago, but I could probably stand a couple more. As much as I like the sweatshirt I wore today (a simple brown zip-up hoodie), a little variety is nice. I'll need to get a couple more Command hooks for them, though. All that hooded goodness comes with a price: hanging them.

This was originally posted by Josh on his personal blog on November 1st. All through the month he posted once a day about something he is thankful for.