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how NOT to pack

Amanda Lasicki on Friday, 24 August 2007. Posted in Student Life

if you are just starting to pack now, you are beyond help. you are also the example i can use for numero uno. so yes, this entry is about how not to pack, especially since it's moving time for LOTS of people right now.

let's wait until the last minute!
this might seem a bit obv, but there are procrastinators out there. there's plenty of stuff in your house/apartment/room that you don't use on a daily basis. example: winter coats. those sort of things should get packed asap. so should decorative things like picture frames and posters.

we only need like, two boxes...
wrong wrong wrong!! you have more stuff than you think you do and you need more boxes than you think you do. my mom made this mistake on a recent move and her friends had to run around town looking for boxes. where did they find them? the liquor store. so, yeah, when my mom opened the garage, all you could see from the street was piles of boxes with alcohol brand names on them. probably didn't make the best first impression. also, other containers you have can be used to store/transport stuff. drawers from your dresser, your hamper, any purses, suitcases or backpacks you have are GREAT for things like clothes and bathroom supplies. it kills two birds with one stone.

i can't pick up the heavy, filled box. i'll only pack it half full.
that's what i did my freshman year. my dad brought me HUGE boxes to put my stuff in, but i learned that when i filled it with, i couldn't move it. the large boxes took up tons of space in the car, but there was actually so much empty space in the boxes. for the next move, we learned that lesson and my dad found smaller boxes that i could fill and move. that made for less wasted space.

i can't find my tooth brush!!
try to keep things that go together TOGETHER. all your bathroom goodies should be in one box, all your kitchen stuff should stay together. label your boxes. also, things that you are going to need to use either during your move or right when you get there should go in a seperate duffel bag that you will have access to. make sure it doesn't get packed in the trunk/moving van. things to go in this bag would include toothbrush, contacts or glasses, wallet, ipod, any chargers you need, and an extra set of clothes just in case.

i'll look for things in the kitchen, you go in my room and we'll just chuck it all in this box here.
first off, this totally violates rule four. also, before you even start putting things in boxes or suitcases, put all of your things in one area. if it's a small trip (vacation) put all of your clothes and toiletries on your bed before you put it in the suitcase. if it's a larger move (to a dorm room) see if you can start putting your dorm things in a spare bedroom or a corner of the family room.

no, i don't need your help.
YES YOU DO!! if anybody offers help, TAKE IT. this is essential if you are doing a larger move (although elena usually managed to get the five of us to help her pack for a week's vacation..hmm). i have two friends that have offered to hang out with me this past week while i pack/clean/organize and i am so thankful for it. they've been carrying things down the stairs and moving heavy things. even in the rare moments of the day when i'm NOT packing, they make good company.

oh no, i left my _____ there!!
check. double check. triple check. have somebody else check. open every drawer, look on every shelf. i can't even tell you how many times i've had to turn around on my way back to school because i've left something at home or even WORSE all of the bathing suits and toys we've left at hotels over the years, only to call and be told the item was thrown out.

nooo my new ipod!!
true story: before our disney trip, morgan and e both got new ipods. on the way there, morgan fell asleep listening to it and it slipped out of her bag and went sliding down the aisle of the bus. there were scratches all down the front of it. while it's only cosmetic, it's still a new ipod. e kept her ipod in her bag and throughout the course of our travels, the bag was tossed around, dropped, sat on, etc. the hard drive in her ipod died thanks to the trauma. lesson learned: always keep all electronics in a safe case. you should also make sure that these cases aren't subject to unneeded trauma, like getting tossed across a room.

let me just turn on my computer for a sec..
do not turn your computer on at all while you pack. it will lead to distraction. at first it will be just to check the weather but then you'll go on facebook and start making playlists on itunes and next thing you know you're writing a blog entry.

one and a half hours til i have to leave for the airport/have everything in storage/be completely moved out of my apartment.
things i need to do still - unmake my bed, finish packing my suitcase for my trip, pack my precious vera bradley collection, check my dresser drawers, check the bathroom, pack my carry on, move everything that i'm not taking into storage---