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How's the Chow?

Kevin Mead on Tuesday, 07 July 2015. Posted in Dining

After a long day of studying, learning, and creeping on your old high school friends on Facebook, you're probably looking for some chow. But what dining option is right for you? Today I'm gonna go all Chef Boyardee on you, and take you on a textual culinary journey through fine dining at RIT.

Let's start with the basics, Grace Watson Hall. Gracie's, as the locals call it, is your standard dining hall. You've got all you can eat grill options, pizza, salads, fruit, sandwiches, and a variety of specials.  But what if you're looking for something new, something different? Try out the Shumway Commons. More grill options, a sub bar, and specials every night. Go there on Wednesday. It's steak night. Need I say more? Now let's say you're craving heated hound (hot dog, I just want to see if that sticks) but you don't want to miss the televised croquet match. RITZ Sportzone has you covered. An underground bar and grill with flat-screens and projectors, RITZ gives you the snacks and the sports. Another great option is Salsarita's. Located in Global Village, this place deals in burritos, tacos, and poquitos. For you laymen, poquitos are fried cinnamon balls. Get them. Do it.

I only named a few options, but as you can see, there are plenty of places to fill up on campus. What's better yet, the food is GOOD. Fresh ingredients, variety in the menu, and trained student cooks at every dining hall.