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How was my first year @ RIT you ask? I'll "show" you! :)

Daniel Nwosu on Wednesday, 05 March 2014. Posted in Student Life

How was my first year?

Hey guys, I’m Daniel, a current second year at RIT. I thought I’d do things a little differently. Feel free to comment, or ask questions. @RIT_Daniel. I hope you like it! 



Counting down the minutes before my flight leaves to RIT! Soooo Excited!

IMG 0125




First experience in the dorms @ RIT! The views from my room were Fantastic!IMG 0749




3rd floor of the library...studying. But let’s be honest here; This is much more interesting than the tensile strength of 1080steel! *cough* IMG 1043




One of my first MET (Mechanical Engineering Technology) projects. Building massive launchers to launch pumpkins hundreds of feet.IMG 0060




Oh yeah, and sometimes this happens..... IMG 0688




Studying for Finals! Never learned so much in my life! I’m lucky to have great friends that push my limits. *Good Times*

IMG 0115





More Engineering!! 2am at Commons (eatery on campus)IMG 0956




Walking to work. The weather here can be really nice. IMG 0664




Biked in some serious rain to get to this restaurant close to campus. So worth it!

IMG 0742




Did I mention that my first live hockey game EVER was spent in the President’s Box?? Can someone say “Free Cookies!?”IMG 0794




What do you do in your spare time? Spontaneously decide to bike 22mi to one of the Finger Lakes with a buddy of mine! Conesus Lake here we come!!!2013-08-25 15.21.04




A sneak peek into my second year. RIT’s “President’s Alumni Ball”!!IMG 0964




This post was written to encourage and motivate you in your college search! Whether you choose RIT or not, I’ve learned that college is what you make of it. So to my prospective students out there who are feeling the pressures of applying to college, “stay focused," “have faith,” and “follow your heart”! Soon you’ll be reflecting back on your experiences in college as I am.

For further questions, feel free to comment below or Contact me on twitter @RIT_Daniel!

Stay Blessed