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Amanda Lasicki on Monday, 09 January 2006. Posted in Student Life

today was the first day of classes and such since winter break. already things seem much more relaxed than they did during those three weeks between thanksgiving and christmas. those weeks were just as busy as the end of fall quarter. i was real scared that's how the entire quarter was going to be. i think the professors just wanted to cram as much as they could into our brains before we left.

break was cool. at first i didn't know how i was going to handle being home for three whole weeks. before this break, the longest i have been home is like three days and they were hell. so boring. no people. but this break wasn't all that bad. my high school band had a concert to raise money for uniforms and they invited alumni to play so my first day back [literally an hour after i got back] i had rehearsal for that and the next day i played in the concert. that was fun. i haven't been able to do much with music since i got here and it was a HUGE part of my life back home. i really wanna try a find somewhere that puts on musicals. i also went to a few of my high school's musical rehearsals. they're doing west side story and i did my happy dance when i found out the show dates are when i come home for spring break. i got to see a bunch of people that i hadn't seen in awhile over break and it was funny hearing everybody's stories. the number one kid in my graduating class went to caltech...and then dropped out. the holidays were nice too. christmas eve on the isle with all of pj's family, christmas day at home with my mom's sister and her kids. from new year's eve until like january third it just snowed and snowed and snowed so a lot of people's new year's plans got cancelled. nothing really changed for me since i was so last minute with plans. i wound up sleeping over a friend's house with a few other people and it was fun. plus there was snow so of course that made me happy. before i came back, me and my crew gathered at elena's house to do christmas. i showed up and max was already there and obviously ange and elena were too but the twins hadn't showed up yet. so elena calls them and she's like "hey when are you coming over?" and whichever one was on the other end goes, "umm can you come here?" and elena's all like "NO there's four of us here and two of you there, GET OVER HERE." so they came over and we're doing gift giving and they give me and elena similar shaped packages and they were like, "this is part one of your gift, part two wouldn't fit in the car." and i just thought they were joking. and we open the packages and they're pink helmets. we just look at each other, then turn to the boys and go, "did you get us...bikes?" tim was like "well..." and before he could even say yes, elena had grabbed my keys and ran down to the driveway to warm up my car. so yes, me and my best friend got matching 20" barbie bikes for christmas.


my bike

mj joked about us using them to get around campus when it got warmer out and too bad i totally plan on doing that! it was just so nice sitting at home and doing nothing, part of me wanted to stay.

i came back here, you know NORTH of where i live. and umm. there's no snow. it was warm today. like, i didn't need a coat. come on, i like snow!!

hmm...there is obnoxiously loud rap music coming from the room next door. last quarter the boys who lived there were real quiet and really didn't do much of anything. now some new kid moved in and...well he's the complete opposite. me and pam pam [my roommate] really want to put like dashboard or bright eyes or something else all emo and blast it. we have the perfect means of doing it too, the volume on my cd player doesn't work and it just doesn't go down.

anywho, i've rambled quite a bit. things i'm looking forwards to: hockey this weekend vs oswego, my friend geoff coming to visit. he got accepted as a mechanical engineer student for next year and now he just has to see the school. hopefully i can persuade him to chose RIT.