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Humans vs. Zombies

Mark Leonardo II on Tuesday, 22 September 2009. Posted in Clubs, Student Life

 Yesterday marked the bringing of the zombie invasion here on campus. The day started out fine, no different than any other Monday until lunch time rolled around. More green headbands visible and the amount of zombies had doubled in only a few short hours. On my way to chemistry, the infinity quad suddenly became invested with engineering nerds…sorry I mean zombies, but lucky for me a computer nerd, human, holding a nerf gun jumped out of a bush and managed to stun a few zombies. However, there were still more zombies, so the human reloaded faster than I thought was possible and the chase began. The group of zombies began to chase the human as he continued to shoot them down as they all disappeared down the quarter mile towards the sundial. As excited as that event sounds, it was more of an annoyance because now I was going to be later for chemistry.  Later on when leaving one of my classes, after a long lecture and realizing that I did not understand the material; I was greeted by a swarm of zombies guarding the doors waiting for a certain human to leave the building. Rather than these zombies staying at home and doing something productive with their lives they decided to go human hunting and get in the way of me and my bed. If this game does not stop interrupting the flow of my day then I’m going to have to bring a third party into the game, and we all know that flying ninja robot pirates would destroy everything and anyone in their way.