I am Back!

on Friday, 06 April 2007. Posted in Co-op, Student Life

It's taken me quite a while to get onto this new site. Turns out my user name and password were changed. But now I'm back.

yes I'm done with school, yes I'm still here.

I have a co-op in RIT's Human Resource department, specifically doing faculty recruitment. I really enjoy the office. Although it has nothing to do with Fine Art, I did spend a large portion of my time at RIT holding leadership positions in my sorority, many of which involved member recruitment. I also worked for the Undergraduate Admissions office and this job has many similaritys. Instead of recruiting Seniors in highschool, I am tracking PhD student's in their last year. And istead of inviting them to Open Houses on campus we are preparing for RIT's Future Faculty Career Exploration Program.

I am pretty interested in a Masters in Higher Education or Arts Administration. Although I love the fine arts, I have found myself to be stong in leadership positions. I love organizing people and goal setting. I haven't applied for any Masters programs this year, which means next fall is very much up in the air. This summer too for that matter. I would like to stay on campus and continue gaining experience in university life, but I really need to job hunt. Time to start paying the bills- specifically the student loans. BLAH.

If any of you faculty/staff members out there are looking for an assistant this summer... you know where to find me! (Resume available upon request Laughing)

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