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I can't believe I missed Marian sing Rapper's Delight

Cynthia Roberts on Sunday, 20 July 2008. Posted in Student Life, Study Abroad

Seriously.  Italy is amazing and all but Marian singing Rapper's Delight??  I would have flown back just to see that.

Additionally, I hear Danielle may have done some dancing and Brian might have worn a tiger costume.

I miss College and Careers.

To update you all a little on my life, Italy is fantastic.  It's super humid though.  While you all worked or attended or found some other fun activity to do, I went to a small town on the French Riviera called Menton.

I have one more week of classes and then it's off traveling for the last 3 weeks before heading home finally.  So just under a month left here.  I'm spending 10 days on a cruise around the Greek isles (it was super cheap believe it or not) and then a few days (including my birthday) in Croatia (Dubrovnik, where RIT has a satelliete school you all should consider studying abroad at).  A few days running around Italy (Bari, Pisa, back to Florence, up to Menaggio..which is on Lake Como) and a quick trip over to Switzerland for some apparently amazing outlet shopping before heading back to Milan to catch my flight home.

Hope everyone there (at the office, incoming freshman, soon to be visitors of RIT) are enjoying your summer.  Come stop by the office in the fall and I'd be happy to tell you more about my travels (and maybe even show you some pictures).

Bouna sera!