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I haven't been in hiding, just busy.

Amanda Lasicki on Wednesday, 04 February 2009. Posted in Clubs, Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life

This past week seemed like it was the busiest week of my life. I also made the mistake of putting all schoolwork on hold until now so looks like the next few days will also be rather busy...

Thursday was Ariel's birthday!! My bff had a little celebration where she declared her suitmates and I VIPs which basically meant we got to wear little tiaras around all night. The tiaras she bought were Disney Princess themed. Guess who got to wear Cinderella?? This girl. Right here.

Me with Ariel's roommate Shannon
We're rocking our VIP Tiaras

Friday there was a hockey game downtown against the U-18 team. Dana, Noah, and I decided to go to that. We left early and went to Taco John's, one of the restaurants I profiled in my taco entry. As usual, it was delicious. At the game, we ran into some of Noah's fraternity brothers, including fellow ambassador Joe Kim! The game was really exciting. Unfortunately, we lost. However, it was just an exhibition game. Also, there was no USM (Unexpected Shirtless Men) present. At least none that I saw...maybe Marian saw some and didn't tell anybody.

Dana and I at hockey.

Saturday was my sorority's formal, Purple Passion. I like getting dressed up every so often!! Besides dinner and dancing, we also had some other things, like awards. Ariel won the "E Phi D" award which is the award for the stupidest thing somebody did...Ariel accidently dropped her phone in the toilet but didn't realize it, so she flushed and left only to later realize her phone was missing. The also had a special part for seniors where we got to make little speeches and "leave" people things. For example, I left Jessyca a key to my future house so I can come home from work to find her at my house...and dinner waiting (she's amazing at cooking and probably the cause of my senior fifteen). One funny thing at formal was all the girls in their nice dresses and SNOW BOOTS. Nobody wanted to go outside in their heels so either people carried them or just wore boots the entire night.

Ariel and I with Luke and Pat at formal
Ariel and Lisa winning the E Phi D Award
Jess in her winter boots
She won Sister of the Year!!!!!

Sunday was the Superbowl. Luke's fraternity set up a projector in their common room and everybody made food. While I was not the only girl there, I have never watched a major sporting event with that many men around. It was a little frightening. Picture this. You're already tiny. You're seated on a couch in between two men who are over six feet tall. Something happens in this football game. The men stand up and cheer, towering over. My response? Stay on the couch and curl up into the fetal position until the yelling stops. Really, the only reason I watch the Superbowl is for the commercials. This time, I just happened to have the added benefit of free food. I actually got into the game near the end. It was pretty cool. I don't know what was the best part of the night...the 100 yard touchdown, the commercial where the koala got punched in the face, or the pulled pork sandwiches.

Yesterday was pretty ridiculous. Having paid attention to the Superbowl commercials, I knew that Denny's was giving away free grand slams starting at 6 am. My genius friends and I decided to take advantage of this. As I have said many times, a college student has three favorite words: free, sleep, and food. When you combine these, they are very happy. Therefore, free food is a great way to start a busy Tuesday. Irene, Dana, and I ventured out at six in the morning. Denny's was a zoo. We had to wait, but for free food it was soooo worth it. I would up going back to the house and sleeping for a good chunk of the morning.

dennys_line.jpg dennys_crowd.jpg
The crowd at Denny's at 6 am yesterday

As if my six am adventures weren't enough for yesterday, I also tried skiing for the first time. Eight years ago, I tried snowboarding, got injured, and never went back to a mountain again. I'm a klutz to begin with. I tend to "bambi" just walking on snow. Luckily, I managed not to die skiing. I even got off the bunny slope and onto a real lift to actually go up the mountain!! (I did not manage to get off the bunny slope when I went snowboarding) I only really fell a few times. Once on the bunny slope on the first time I tried to go down, once on some big steep hill, and another time when I tripped over Luke's skis and face planted into the snow. That last one was the worst. However, on my last run, I managed to go down without stopping or falling! I think I'll try skiing again.

Luke and I taking a break during skiing. I'm all bundled up!