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I LIVE!!!!

Jon-derek Castagno on Tuesday, 10 October 2006. Posted in Rochester & Monroe County, Student Life

I do indeed live. Monday evening was my midterm for OS scripting and wow! It was tough, it is worth pretty much a ¼ of my grade and I hope I did well. I didn’t feel that good coming out of it. It was tough and very particular with what was required. I just hope I did well. The “G Men” think they aced it, of course they did I say, they always do well on everything, sometimes its kind of frustrating how well they always do.

After the exam though we went out to the best spot ever Denny’s! Denny’s is the only way to do food at night. We were there for a while enjoying each other company and telling stories. We saw our told TA named Dave there on a date, it was hilarious we tried to get his attention, and we eventually did. So much fun to harass Dave it is. I recommend trying it because you will love it!

-The Coolest Dude Ever