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I LOATHE unpacking

Sarah Alef on Tuesday, 12 June 2007. Posted in Student Life

At the start of every summer, I go through my room armed to the teeth with a dustbuster, vaccuum, and a large garbage bag.  Last summer though, I was in the middle of a month of graduation parties, and the cleaning just didn't happen.  Which means that this summer, the dust really hits the fan.  After being home for almost a month, I have just finished unpacking, and started the process of going through the oodles of crap that you receive when you graduate.  I'm supposed to sort through 4 years worth of clothing, shoes, papers, and other various memories.

You never realize how many small memories that get stashed away with papers and other assorted objects, only to be triggered when you're going through your stuff.  Try as you might to clean out your closet, there are some things that are just too distracting to simply look at and toss aside.  I'm trying to stay on task, but there are some things that require at least a half hour of distraction (like finding a stack of pictures from your roommate, or the amazingly awful shoes she made for you out of Maxipads) Honestly...unpacking = more rife with distractions than Wikipedia.  No wonder I never seem to get anything done.  :-)